BAM PRODUCTIONS is a UK based production company and we are dedicated to bringing challenging and exciting films that centre people of colour to mass audiences. 

Our goal is to change the narrative and we have begun our mission at a pivotal time, where the call for change relevant now more than ever. Our hope is to lay a foundation and create art that influences and promote positivity that can transcend across the globe. 

There has been strong demand for more images and representation of black people as protagonists onscreen, Hollywood is setting the trend with showing variations of black narratives on the big screen and when it comes to the UK it is long overdue. 


The Company was founded in 2016 by actress Bunmi Mojekwu. BAM Productions quickly attracted the attention due to our mission and the time period, as the failing to recognize diverse performers on the front screen and behind brought forth a huge debate and call for action. We are working hard to produce quality to emerge as a leading innovative production company.  

As By 2020 BAM Productions anticipates being one of the leading independent film companies. Specialising in creating films and content that redefines stereotypes, owning them and reinterpreting them for a new era.