Cool Merch Ideas

Promotional merchandise can be a powerful way to increase awareness of your brand and act as a lasting reminder of who you are to your audience. But how do you choose the right promotional merchandise for your business?

According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), the key is to make sure your merch is unique, personalised, usable and good quality. That way it will create a strong impression, act as an effective reminder of your business, and be something the receiver continues to use for a long time.

With these four key qualities in mind, here are 20 great promotional merchandise ideas for small businesses, to help you make the right impression.

Customised t-shirts

T-shirts are a powerful marketing tool that can amplify your campaign; a mobile billboard if you will. Get to know your fanbase and offer creative and topical designs that will resonate with them: album artwork, tour dates, a joke, a cause that is close to your heart… there’s always a good excuse for a great t-shirt.

With BAM Productions service, you can get very creative without any stock or financial risk.Take a look.

Promotional tote bags

Now that most shops charge for single use plastic bags, tote bags are increasingly useful and popular. Many people now carry tote bags with them on a daily basis, making this the perfect opportunity to get your brand out there and seen by people all over the local high street.

When designing a promotional tote bag, think about using bold colours to make the bag stand out and strong, simple branding so that your company name and/or logo is visible at a distance.

Promotional hoodies

With traditional ideas about office wear changing fast, jeans and hoodies have practically reinvented the idea of the traditional uniform as we know it. Many start-ups and leading global brands, particularly in the digital sector, actively encourage comfortable clothing, such as hoodies, to foster motivation and creativity in their employees. This makes branded hoodies, both for your employees and as promotional swag, a smart move.

Choosing hoodie colours that match your branding is an obvious choice, especially if you use a bold colour like orange or yellow that is more unusual and will help your branded hoodies to draw attention in the office and on the street.

Find promotional merchandise ideas that fit your brand perfectly

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