Scared Money Dont Make No Money


We are appealing for your support to contribute towards the film budget to produce, distribute and market our current feature film; Me, you and Them. 

“Me, You and... Them” is a comedy romance that embodies the same distinctive energy of a classic British urban film; it appeals to the fans of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “Kidulthood”, “Bend it Like Beckham” and “Monster in Law”.  Set in the heart of London, this modern-day ‘urban love’ tale is between Ade and Andrew, The couple prepares to embark on the commitment of a lifetime, but due to their bitterly feuding families it is a wonder if they will make it to the alter.

The BFI reports ‘A hope for... more black Britons in love on our screens’. Our market research has demonstrated how in demand a film of this genre is and the importance it will play within the UK with the rest of the world. It is essential for us to join forces with those who understand our mission and can assist us in fulfilling our objectives. 


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My Oga!

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Custom Drawing

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